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Today is July 16th 2024
The story of How I met The Beautiful Princess!
Chapter 1
Well, back in early January 2018 I first saw her as I was leaving Costco afetr shopping.
I was walking towards the exit, and I glanced up and over to the advertising displays for A/C, Water Treatment, etc...
She was standing at the A/C display, hoping to get people to sign up for free estimates.

I actually walked right by the first few times, noticing how absolutely beautiful she is!
I was a little shy at first...
But after those few times passsing by, I decided to offer her one of these little glass hearts that I hand out as a simple random act of kindness.
I did and she loved it!

I shopped a couple more times over the next number of weeks, and on February 18th 2018, I gave her one more heart that is one of a very awesome story!
I gave her that glass heart and she dropped it about an hour later and it shattered! (I didn't learn of this till about two and a half years later, after I saw one of her post's of it shattered, and re-assembled, on one of her social media sites).
As I would shop at a couple different Costco stores over the next couple years, I would see her sometimes standing at the displays, and I was so happy to give her another glass heart as I was walking towards the exit.
One time, I gave her a heart and she held it with both hands up to her chin grinning so cutely! That made me feel so good because I knew that she appreciated them so much! The hearts seemed like they meant a lot to her.
---to be continued at later date...
The story of How I met The Beautiful Princess!
Chapter 2
Well, after seeing her more times, and giving her more hearts, and since she was offering free estimates for air conditioning installation, I decided to sign up for an estimate for my house.
All I have is an evaporative cooler for my main house, but I do have a window unit air conditioner for my bedroom.

So, I sign up, and she gives me her card so I can be in touch with her about the estimate progress.
As of that moment, I did not know her full name!
So, now that I had her full name, just for poops and giggles, I figured I would do a google search for her!
You know, just to make sure she wasn't a psycho, or a nasty rotten criminal! Ha ha... Well, yep! She was on the most wanted criminal list!!! He he he... Just kidding...

No, I actually found her on a number of social media sites! WOW!!! She's so beautiful and fun!!!
It was like I fell in Love right away! How could I not? WOW!!!

Well anyways, the company that was doing the estimate came to my house, and did there thing. It was expensive, because I needed all new stuff installed, but it was very nice to know what it would cost! So signing up with her really helped me understand.
So that was that.

As time went on, I would see her more times at the various Costco stores, and continue to give her more little glass hearts.
One time I gave her a heart, as I was standing there with her, she started to trace one of the hearts on one of the pages in her planner book! That seemed awesome to me! I asked her why she does that? and she replied in the most cutest voice ever! "I trace them, so it reminds me of when you came in!" Oh my goodness! Her gorgeous voice went up in pitch at the end so cutely! Such amazing cuteness in her voice! What she said about tracing them, and how she said it, stuck in my mind for days! I started thinking, why would she want to be reminded of when I came in there?

Maybe it touched her heart so warmly that a stranger would care enough to give a little token of caring, and that made her feel good, and she could glance at the outline of the heart and she would feel good each time she saw it! So precious!
And that's what led to me writing a poem called, "Traced Hearts"!
---to be continued at later date...